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Occupational medicine is a very small and specialized field. This field of medicine more than any other incorporates the art of science of medicine with a composite understanding of the realities of today’s business world.

An occupational Medical Group must therefore be cognizant of the diverse needs of the Varied clientele base and be able to address and meet each and every need all its clients.

Temple Medical center has made a long term administrative commitment to the field of occupational medical care as well as providing such care with quality and ethical concerns to better serve your industrial medical needs.


Mr. Ronald P. Baumgartner

Ron Baumgartner PA.CME has over 30 years of experience and expertise in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Occupational Medicine. In 2007 Mr.Baumgartner joined Temple Medical Center to treat the businesses and community of Los Angeles in Occupational Medicine and Urgent Care. Ron Baumgartner PA.CME has a responsible and respectful reputation in the Occupational Medicine and Medical field. He works one on one with the care and needs of new employee hires, injured workers, patients, and also businesses small and large to make sure the needs are met to the City of Los Angeles.

Dr. Parviz Taherpour, MD

1962 – Present
Founder and Medical Director Parviz Taherpour, M.D., Inc. “dba” Temple Medical Center

Clients Testimonials

“The staff here is so friendly and helpful, they really make you feel at ease. The xray tech Flavio Ramos was probably the happiest most awesome person I ever encountered at any of my medical appointments. Thank you guys for great service.” Margo B.

“This place is amazing the nurses are super friendly and efficient. I was there for preemployment physical and TB and Drug scan and everything went great. The doctor is amazing.
My time there was 30 mins very fast and I recommended this place.”

Donna V.

“I broke my foot at work and my company sent me to Temple Medical Center for treatment. Dr. Taherpour and his staff were caring and knowledgeable. I even received physical therapy there and was pleased with my medical care. I would not hesitate in recommending this clinic to anyone in need of their care.”

C H.

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